This is a hot rod ACG California Roadster golf cart. Last year I replaced all 8 batteries and their cables! This is a 48-volt cart. It started life as yellow but it was painted by a custom body and hot rod guy in NC. It has turn signals, brake lights, a horn, and hydraulic disc brakes. It even has a trailer hitch! (Although I’ve not used it) I’ve replaced the forward/reverse switch and horn button. On the dash is two large cup holders and USB ports for charging your phone. Radial street tires on aluminum rims (13 inch front, 14 inch rear). Billet aluminum steering column. I added flush mount LED turn signals behind the grill. The headlights bulbs were replaced with ridiculously bright projection LED’s. Brake, lights, rear turn/side turn signals were swapped to led as well.

Lynchburg, Virginia, United States